Lucero Tractor Services LLC is fully licensed and insured and we pride ourselves on efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction.  Our rates are set based on the cost of ownership, maintenance, life expectancy of the equipment, along with the costs of doing business such as insurance, licensing, fuel, and time invested.  By utilizing LTS you'll get the proper equipment and an experienced, licensed, and insured operator to get the job done correctly and efficiently.  

       Our rates are comparable with the cost of renting a smaller tractor with no attachments from Home Depot

Brush Hogging  - $60/hr

Road/Driveway grading - $60/hr

Material Spreading - $60/hr

Post hole digging - $60/hr

Front end bucket work - $60/hr

General Tractor Services - $60/hr

Travel to/from site - $60/hr


Tilling - $75/hr

Food Plot Prep/Seeding, etc. - $75/hr


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